Dog 3 in 1 Set Lemongrass


Only 1 piece in stock!

BUY 3 and SAVE. Our all-natural gentle Dog Shampoo and Dog Conditioner are made of mild cleansing agents that don’t dry out your dog's skin. Pure essential oils nourish your best friend’s coat leaving it clean and shiny. This handmade dog trio is infused with lemongrass and green tea extracts to provide natural flea control in addition to aromatherapy benefits. 

Ingredients : Lemongrass and Clary Sage essential oil, green tea extract, cucumber extract, aloe vera, jojoba oilpeg-80, coca-midopropyl betane, sodium chloride, sodium trideceth, shea butter, cocoa butter, vegetable glycerin,  vitamin E, citricide.

PLUS our very popular Dog Spritzer! Let's face it, dogs don`t always smell fresh. They think they smell great, but that`s another matter altogether. If you`re living with a dog that has D.O. but you don`t have time to give your furry friend a bath, try this spritzer. It`s designed to neutralize D.O. and leave a refreshing Lemongrass and Green Tea herbal scent.

Ingredients: Lemongrass and Green Tea essential oils, aloe vera infusion, green tea extract, vitamin E.

Spray liberally on coat. Avoid eyes and ears. Also a great deodorizer for doggy beds


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