Hair Oil Rosemary & Vanilla


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Pure rosemary and vanilla essential oils, jojoba oil, vegetable base, vitamin e

HOW TO USE: Our natural line of extra conditioning Hair Oil is excellent for restoring damaged or over-processed hair. It is made with infusions of organically grown or ethically wildcrafted herbs and combined with essential oils and premium grade jojoba oil. USE ON DRY HAIR AND CAREFULLY MASSAGE THE OIL ALL OVER THE SCALP, THEN APPLY A LIGHT COAT TO THE REMAINING HAIR. 


Rosmarinus Officinalis (USA), Vanilla Planifolia (Madagascar), Jojoba oil, coconut oil, wheat protein, aloe vera oil, vitamin E

Rosemary essential oil. Strong, fresh, camphor-like aroma with a woody, balsamic undertone. Rosemary has an energising effect and can be used to aid concentration. Eases muscle aches, cramps, arthritis, gout and rheumatism. Excellent reputation for oily skin/acne, scalp and hair care.

Vanilla essential oil. The sweet scent of vanilla can be used to holistically treat dozens of conditions and simply improve overall mood and well-being. Vanilla aromatherapy has been proved to effectively relieve symptoms of anxiety, bad-day blues or even mild depression. The smell of vanilla is intensely arousing for most men and helps increase blood flow to the genitals.


  • Helps stimulate hair follicles
  • Makes hair grow longer and stronger
  • Slows down premature hair loss and greying of hair
  • It is an excellent tonic for bald people or those beginning to show signs of male pattern baldness
  • Makes the hair silky, shiny, and smooth


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